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Nick Saxon's Metro Police Force Application.

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Nick Saxon's Metro Police Force Application. Empty Nick Saxon's Metro Police Force Application.

Post by Ghost Prodigy Tue Apr 09, 2013 11:12 am


Steam name: Ghost Prodigy
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:46584308
Age: 16
How long have you been playing SlothGaming?: 2 Days.
How long have you been roleplaying for?:Dark RP-Over a year,HL2RP-3 months.
Why do you want to join the MPF?(1 paragraph):

I want to be an MPF because I think it will be a fun experience for me,it will also help me to improve my roleplay, and will give me another chance to play as an MPF unit again. I also want to join the MPF because I think it will help develop my character through the hardships and conflicts he faces and the friends and enemies he makes, and because I want to make a good impression on the community by showing them my roleplaying skills.

Why does your character want to join the MPF?(1 paragraph):

It fits my characters backstory as a strong Loyalist and supporter of the Combine. On an OOC point is also seems very fun! As a very experienced role-player I have always been drawn towards Light Or Order positions, the MPF seems to fill that Guard/Police spot.

Do you have any previous MPF experience?:

Yes on a huge gaming community server called RGer's HL2RP for a month.

Have you ever been banned, if yes explain why?: No.


<:: (Nick Saxon) # (87856)...

Name: Nick Saxon
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Weight: 218 Pounds.
Height: 6'2.
Why do you want to join the MPF?(2 paragraphs):
I intend to join the MPF Because I'm like them, I like Order, Law and respect, And I intend to Bring it to our city, and obey my superiors by all means necessary, if it is in matter of life, or death.
What do you hope to achieve in the MPF?(2 paragraphs):

Name 5 things a MPF unit does every day?:
-Does his division duty.
-Following Orders.
-Learning on how to become more efficient.
-Look out for Rebels.
Character backstory(4 paragraphs):
Nick Saxon lived in south part of the U.S in a beautiful home. His whole bloodline had served in the military for years, excluding his mother. He was very proud of his family, he grew up strong and healthy, his brothers taught him how to hunt and how to properly use a firearm, he was interested in joining the police ever since, he was to be known as the first Saxon who didn't join the military. Years later, when he was at the age of 21 and ready to graduate the academy, his father died of pneumonia. It was very tragic for him, but life moved on and so did he, he finally managed to graduate. He was later shot in the head during a theft, which put him in coma.

While he was in coma, the facility of Black Mesa was destroyed. Portal Storms began appearing across the world which brought monstrous and unknown creatures which damaged the world. They where quickly going to consume the world if they did not stop them, humans tried their best to eliminate them, but it was not enough, there was no hope for humanity. The Universal Union later appeared in planet earth, seeking to provide protection to the humans from the hostile beings. A few of the people residing in earth where against the Union's way of thinking, this caused even more damage, which caused the seven hour war, where remaining governments of earth unified to eliminate the Union. this later lead to a large human death toll. In the middle of the conflict, Nick managed to wake up from his coma, and realized he no longer was in the same world he knew, he was sent to a small city district, where he would be watched inside giant walls for protection.

After being put in a small district, he started sitting down to watch people, he knew they where afraid, he needed to do something. He eventually got into drugs, which took him into a bad state. Later he left them and thought he should continue with his life, like he has done before, so he decided to assist the Universal Union in the protection of it's people, it was decided, he wanted to protect people.

He already knew what he was going to do, join the MPF and protect the people who where scared of the evils beyond the wall and any other psycho wanting to commit illegal acts, protect civilians from anti-citizens. He once again sat in the streets thinking how he would become something that could help. He decided to wait for the right time to do it, he went to his apartment and slept, until he heard noises outside, gun shots, he quickly rushed to his window and found anti-citizens fighting against MPF,two of the MPF units died and the anti-citizens escaped.As he was walking he saw the damage these "rebels" had caused, and found that 3 MPF Units died in the act. He approached to an MPF officer, and finally said, "I wish to join you, these anti-citizens are despicable, and I wish to fight them. He said nothing, and took him by the arm, he led him into the nexus and into a room and he said "Citizen, you may apply for the Metropolitan Force, be prepared" he took his datapad out, and it was finally time for Nick, to continue to do something useful.

Ghost Prodigy

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Nick Saxon's Metro Police Force Application. Empty Re: Nick Saxon's Metro Police Force Application.

Post by Sloth the Wizard Tue Apr 09, 2013 11:18 am

+1 Brilliant application and would make a good MPF.
Sloth the Wizard
Sloth the Wizard

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Nick Saxon's Metro Police Force Application. Empty Re: Nick Saxon's Metro Police Force Application.

Post by Igor The Sloth Tue Apr 09, 2013 9:52 pm

+1 and accepted.

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Igor The Sloth
Igor The Sloth

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Nick Saxon's Metro Police Force Application. Empty Re: Nick Saxon's Metro Police Force Application.

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