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Raymond Henderson's Backstory

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Raymond Henderson's Backstory Empty Raymond Henderson's Backstory

Post by Adza55 Mon May 13, 2013 5:15 pm

HL2RP: Raymond Henderson is a very distinctive man he lived in City 17 for 4 years. He has been alone for over 7 years, he is 26 years old and he had no brothers or sisters. His mam and dad we're relocated when he was 19 years old ever since then he's been alone. He's always wanted to join the resistance and rebel against the combine and bring freedom to the world, he was always a quiet one and never really talked to anyone. One day there was a combine raid at the apartments, there was rebels in them apartments and they did not act in a mature way, they fought back and they fought there way back to the HQ. A few days later he was offered to join the resistance, he accepted the offer and then became a rebel. A year later he was made a rebel leader and he was always loyal to all of his soldiers, he was always looking for more citizens to join the resistance and they will strike one day and he hopes to find his mother and father. After the events of joining the resistance he moved to city 17's Industrial district, he met the band of rebels stationed in a secret location in Industrial district . That was the heart of the rebels in the Industrial district after trying to take that city they failed, then they had been caught. Raymond managed to escape then he was headed to City 8. He retired from his job of the resistance, he became a shop keeper: selling food, drink etc.


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