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Anthony Hyde Jr. Backstory

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Anthony Hyde Jr. Backstory  Empty Anthony Hyde Jr. Backstory

Post by Crash Tue May 14, 2013 7:43 am

Anthony was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. His family was simple, a loving mother and father, and a big brother. By the age of 7, Anthony was reading one level above his grade. Just before finishing elementary school, Anthony's brother died at a factory he was working at. The Hyde family was devastated, and Anthony was a only child.

Once Anthony started middle school, his grades began to slip, all he could think about was his brother. By the end of 7th grade, Anthony's parents got a divorce, and his father got full custody of him. Anthony and his father moved to New York City, and being a new kid in school, he was picked on a lot. In 2000, Anthony started doing drugs. He would often skip class and party all night. His dad wasn't allowing it. Anthony only stated he started doing drugs to numb the pain of losing his brother, and the divorce of his parents.

However, Anthony didn't quit school. He would often do bad on tests, only to retake them to and get just enough to pass the 10th grade. On September 11th, 2001 , Anthony's father was killed during the 9/11 attacks. He was given to his mother. and moved back to Canada.

The event made Anthony change. After finishing high school and battling his drug addiction, Anthony went to a community collage and got his Bachelors Degree in teaching 8th Grade history. On April 28th, 2014, Anthony married the love of his life, Makayla Huston. They had a great life and decent money. Anthony described it "Living the dream." Until a weird change of events in his life happened. Portals started opening up. It's was often dubbed as a "Portal Storm". Anthony was confused to what had caused it. Until Black Mesa went out and said it was a Resonace Cascade. However, the Portals went away and life went back to normal.

But, soon after, the Combine invaded. Coming through the portals the storm did. The 7 hour war began. And during it, Makayla was killed during a Strider attack. Anthony thought thinks couldn't get worse, untill the citys started to form. Anthony first lived in City 18, and was nothing great. He did the usual around-the-clock thing any other Citizen would do. Rations and sleep. Anthony barley had enough energy to go on. Until a invasion of rebels attacked the city, completely by surprise. The MPF had been taken hostage. Anthony was confused to either love the rebels, or to hate them. That idea changed soon after. The rebels wanted complete control of the city, and started to clear out every citizen in City 18. Anthony was held at gunpoint, however, his life was saved as a squad of Metropolice forced rushed in and took out Anthony's attacker. Anthony gained love for the Combine and MPF.

(Taken from my denied MPF app, because it took an hours to write.)


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Anthony Hyde Jr. Backstory  Empty Re: Anthony Hyde Jr. Backstory

Post by Pianotugboat Tue May 14, 2013 2:23 pm

Lita Dumas Backstory Coming soono :O

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