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Michael Dyrkacz

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Michael Dyrkacz Empty Michael Dyrkacz

Post by Michll Wed May 15, 2013 1:17 am

((This is a typical redemption etc. story.Yu no like it, leave))
Michael Dyrkacz was born in a typcial Polish family, lived a typical life.Until the Seven Hour War.
His father died.Mother died too.Everything started to fall.In the age of 16, he was raised by his 20 year old brother, Andrew.He also had a sister, Julie.She was 18.When the combine took over, they lived in City 55, tried to survive.Andrew and his sister got him food.Yet again, something needed to go wrong.It was the 666 alarm.City-wide danger.No-one besides the Combine knew what exacly happened at City 55.His brother went missing.Barly alive, they escaped the ruins of City 55.Some colony captured and held them as slaves.But someone freed them.That someone was a CWU worker.For about 2 years, they lived on the edge with the CWU worker.At the age of 19, Julie joined the Resistence, without the CWU worker knowing anything about it. When the CWU worker found smuggled fruits, everything became clear for him.The called in the Combine.Betreyed Michael and his sister.When Michael was able to escape, his sister was taken.About 2 days after, he found her mulitlated body.It disappered after a day.He sworn to himself he gonna find the CWU worker, and do the best to make him suffer.It's one year later, Michael is 20 and he is still looking.But he will find the traitor.Soon.
((The story is raw and original.I wasn't inspired, coping or something else))


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