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Post by JPlus Fri May 17, 2013 7:57 am

Grew up and living in Maine (in case the name didn't imply), Robert was an estate agent. As a child, he grew up in a great condition- good education, wealtly parents and lots of friends. He was happy- he had a wife in the military, a nice house and savings, hoping for a holiday over in Europe. At the time of the Resonance Cascade, he was showing a client a house in the North region. Fortunately, the event had happened in New Mexico, so he was not affected by this*.

When his day was over (after the client lost interest) Robert went home. Upon arrival, he found his wife was gone- she was part of the military sent to Black Mesa, though she could only put New Mexico on her departing note. Immediately after, he heard the news that a nuke had gone off down in New Mexico, and he began to fret- luckily, an hour later his wife called saying her helicopter just landed back at base.

Content, Robert slept, only to awaken to the horror of the Seven Hour War in it's sixth hour. He had no way to defend himself, and instead hid in his cellar. He could hear his neighbours screaming, gunshots firing left and right, the more he heard, the more he felt guilty. Soon, the fighting died down.

An hour later, he heard a slam on the door. Something was calling. "Get out here!". He decided it would be best to go, he didn't want to cause trouble. He opened the door, to see two Combine officers. "Prepare to be relocated!". They knocked him out, and dragged him away. Later on, he woke up in City 45.

His wife is still missing, but he has presumed her dead after he had saw the military fighting the Combine. Or so he thought.

Robert was always impulsive, so when he saw the chance to run to the Slums, he took the chance. Out of nowhere, he heard a familiar voice, but not in the way he expected. "Freeze!" the emerging Combine officer cried out, and Robert stopped. "Face the wall!", in a surprising feminine tone, but he only had to hear "Apply!" to know it was her, his wife. He tried to reason with her, and she warned him. He tried to jog her memory, but the DvL would not be stirred, and instead unholstered her Stunstick. Robert was desperate, but to no avail- her mind was wiped. Next thing he remembered, he was outside the Nexus. He couldn't remember anything now. All he knew was, he wanted revenge.

*[NOTE: The Black Mesa event had only happened in the surrounding area, and Black Mesa is located in New Mexico. Evidence: There would be no reason to silence the scientists if everyone already knew and could see the aliens.]

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Jock Woodgward [Citizen - C2] - Strolling round on the street, looking a lot like someone.
Jack Wedgwood [Citizen - HL2RP] - Ran away from the city while the Resistance were fighting the Combine.
Robert Maine [Citizen - HL2RP] - Ran in said firefight with unconscious wife in arms.
C45/C18.MpF.ZONE-05.41222 [MPF - HL2RP] - Tired of never getting noticed, quit his job.
Ja'Rak'Shan [Vortigaunt (Freed) - HL2RP] - Teleported away.

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