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Jacob Wattson

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Jacob Wattson Empty Jacob Wattson

Post by PachewPie Sat May 18, 2013 1:00 pm

Jacob Wattson, long lost brother of Zack Wattson. Jacob was the elder brother, and had run away because of the hatred of his parents when he was young. Jacob was gone and Zack was just a newborn baby, not knowing who Jacob was. Zack thought that his whole family died, but that was not entirely true.

Soon Jacob hit his age of 27. The portal storm began and there were head crabs everywhere in the city he lived in. His foster family was killed due to the head crabs and Jacob had to run away. He successfully ran away, but by the time he had made it to the other city, the portal storm was over. Then, the seven hour war began. Jacob saw awkward ships coming by. A military man sent Jacob out to a safehouse where Jacob would be safe from the Combine. Only after seven hours, Jacob knew that the war was over. He exited the safe house, seeing everything wrecked. The Combine harshly relocated Jacob to City 18. When Jacob was in City 18, he saw his own brother many times in apartments, sometimes even in detainment. They just did not realize that they had been brothers.

When the time came, Jacob and Zack were relocated to City 45 for a bigger and somewhat better city. They were once neighbors, but they moved out of the apartments. Soon after the relocation, Zack was finally amputated because of his behaviors. Word came out and some citizens were talking about the death of Zack. Jacob figured out Zack's first and last name, and Jacob wondered why they had the same last name. Then, Jacob finally figured out. Zack Wattson was his brother.

Jacob found out, and was deeply depressed in the death of his brother. He no longer wanted to live in the city, so he went out to find his way into the slums. But, the checkpoint was closed and there was no way he could go through. Then, a citizen told Jacob about the RCS having a secret passage to the Slums. Sadly, the RCS was locked at the time. But, at another time, a citizen lead Jacob to a bar with a secret passage to the Slums. The citizen lead him far enough, and Jacob was sent to live in a cabin. Jacob has supplied some Resistance members, obtaining some profit out of the selling. He had his own weapons to defend himself, but they were too heavy at him. So, because of this, Jacob donated his weapons he couldn't carry to the resistance.

Every once in awhile, Jacob went back to the City for some supplies again. But, he would immediately come back to the Slums right away to avoid any searches by the Combine. He then met a few other Resistance members, but they were in a different squad. Jacob then tripped and a wheel turned. It was a secret passage, Jacob was extremely afraid, and ran back to his cabin, hoping nothing would happen. But then, a lady shot his door open. She tied Jacob and took everything he had, including his tokens. She put most of the stuff in his fridge, but they were somewhat wrecked. He found a sharp ledge he could break his tie with, and he escaped, running away from the Slums. Jacob went back to the city, not telling the CPU of what happened, fearful of what they might do to him for trespassing into the Slums.

Once Jacob arrived back to his City, he was in fear of the CPU searching him for his contraband. So, he avoided any trouble with the CPU and mostly stayed in the apartments for most of his time in the City. Jacob was beginning to become obsessed with CPU coming in and searching him. Soon enough, CPU shot Jacob's door open and they said for him to open the door for them next time. They searched the house, but they found nothing. They then left the house, and Jacob was hugely relieved that they had forgotten to search him.

After that problem happened, Jacob quickly got everything he needed and moved out of the apartment. The shield towards slum was on. Then Jacob went towards the different slums checkpoint, but there was a Zone guard protecting it. Jacob waited for the right moment, it took hours until a citizen finally got the Zone guard distracted. While the Zone guard was chasing a citizen, Jacob went for his chance. He looked all around hoping that nobody was around, and he walked inside of the Slums checkpoint, not to be seen. The problem was that he was at the bar, and he met a man. Jacob was threatened that if he found a secret passage, he would be shot in the head. Jacob then told him that he would find the secret passage, and left the Slums checkpoint.

Weeks past and Jacob went back into the slums checkpoint. He realized that the man that used to be at the bar moved away and was nowhere to be seen. Jacob looked all around and saw a strange device. He then placed his palm on it and a secret wall opened. He walked through it and climbed the ladder down. Now, the problem was that he didn't know which way he should go. He sat down and then saw a flashlight coming. Jacob hid in a corner that didn't hide him very well, and he saw a Rebel. The Rebel eventually realized that Jacob was lost in the sewer, so the Rebel led Jacob back into the slums where he belonged. There was a town, with a guard that was at the front guarding it.

That was when the guard asked Jacob for his name. Jacob told the guard and he led Jacob to the leader of the town. Jacob told everything he needed to tell to the leader and Jacob was assigned as a citizen. Soon enough, Jacob asked if he could help the leader even more. From there, Jacob was assigned as a worker, and he now had his own shop of his own. It took awhile for its first customer to come, but after that first customer came, the shop was becoming real busy with many Rebels wanting to buy supplies.

Then, it came to the point where the shop was empty. No more customers inside, no more business. The leader was gone as well. Jacob decided to go back to the City to continue living there. But, before he stepped out of slums, he changed his mind. He walked back to the cabin and started living inside of the cabin again. Once in awhile, Jacob would move some of his furniture and open another shop once in awhile. Usually, his shops would get 2-3 people each time it would open, but that was not enough for Jacob.

One month passed, and Jacob was becoming a little bit bankrupt. But, he met a Citizen who was kind enough to donate him some tokens. Jacob was given about 2000 tokens, and the Citizen went back to the city. Jacob secretly followed the Citizen, and the bad things happened when the Citizen was caught in the Slums when they were just right at the head point entrance. Jacob ran away quickly, and the CPU didn't catch Jacob. Jacob was angry that this tragedy happened, and moved back to his cabin once again.

Now, Jacob lives in his cabin in fear of something happening. He has survived two sweeps, by acting like he was dead. But, his technique would soon worn out, and would no longer save him from any sweeps soon.

<Of course will still be updated>


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