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Pianotugboats Fixed App Empty Pianotugboats Fixed App

Post by Pianotugboat Sun May 19, 2013 9:01 am


Steam name:Pianotugboat
How long have you been playing SlothGaming?:5 Weeks
How long have you been roleplaying for?:2 years
Why do you want to join the MPF?(1 paragraph):I feel that having a character able to experience the luxury of enlistment of the MPF aswell as the hardships the units have to go through. Will provide a unique experience for any character I intend on making. I also intend to develop this character(s) through hardships and trust of my fellow MPF's.

Why does your character want to join the MPF?(1 paragraph):
He feels that the UU is the best hope for the preservation of the earth, and he wants to be able to help that cause to the fullest extent of his power by enlisting into the ranks of the universal union to protect his fellow citizens, Units, and city. He also intends to find a job that fits their experience from the past or to find his hidden talents from within the ranks of the Union

Do you have any previous MPF experience?:Helix 02 88855(lita dumas)
Have you ever been banned, if yes explain why?:No

Name:Arlist Kazimov
Why do you want to join the MPF?(2 paragraphs):
I feel like my soft spoken misunderstood character will be a chance at a little diversity in the CPU. I also feel that he will bring some unique backstory to the field too.

What do you hope to achieve in the MPF?(1 - 3 paragraphs):

I intend to achieve respect from citizens and lower ranks, I also expect to achieve development for my character so that he may have a story to tell, That is if he ever decides to speak and not be a mute.

Name 5 things a MPF unit does every day?:
-Respond to requests
-Collect Contraband
-Prevent anti-citizen like activities
-Regulate the population of the city
Character backstory(2 - 4 paragraphs):
Arlist kazimov's story starts in Vladivostok,Russia where he was a civil engineer, always being abused and stomped on by other workers and his boss. He is use to this kind of abuse and torment, considering at birth his parents attempted to abort him. At age 14 they told him of this and kicked him out of the house into the polluted streets of Vladivostok. He was eventually sent to jail for a false accusation that will be mentioned IC, he was jailed two days before the 7 hour war. He waited for a week until the combine found him in his cell, they did not release him and made the detainment center the nexus. He was released in 2014 ever since he has rarely socialized with citizens and has remained a mute. Of course this behavior may consume him and earn him more detainment points if he does not soon shake his personallity. One year after his release Arlist found himself working engineering jobs again for citizens, like fixing drainage pipes electrical outlets, The works. Eventually he did find himself coming across contraband in odd reaches of apartments turning them in and earning a few loyalty points here and there. He soon lost his touch with the engineering aspect of him finding trouble in his work almost constantly. He found himself to be isolated almost throughout entire cycles spending weeks alone in his apartment only shelling out for the occasional ration. During inspections he was found only staring out at the Nexus from the highest apartment, UU members questioned his behavior but never regarded it enough to beat him. He has continued this behavior to present day. He always seems intrigued with the CPU force and intends on joining them anyway possible.

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Pianotugboats Fixed App Empty Re: Pianotugboats Fixed App

Post by Sloth the Wizard Sun May 19, 2013 9:37 am

2 - 4 Paragraphs I only see one -1
Sloth the Wizard
Sloth the Wizard

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Pianotugboats Fixed App Empty Re: Pianotugboats Fixed App

Post by L30N Sun May 19, 2013 10:33 am

But the old one was accepted...


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Pianotugboats Fixed App Empty Re: Pianotugboats Fixed App

Post by Pianotugboat Sun May 19, 2013 10:56 am

Didn't realize my last one was accepted anyways heres a backstory

Lita Dumas{DEAD}
Viun'kal Galumm{DEAD}
Ryan David Cook{DEAD}
Arlist Kazimov{DEAD}

CPU.C18.HELIX.04.12333(Healing and keeping his mouth shut)
Andre 'Patch' Sharp(Preforming medical tasks when needed)
Bill Gundacker(Enjoying the Commodities of the CWU)
Harold Dumas{ALIVE}


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Pianotugboats Fixed App Empty Re: Pianotugboats Fixed App

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