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Sinskitz Metro police Force application

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Sinskitz Metro police Force application Empty Sinskitz Metro police Force application

Post by Sinskitz Mon May 20, 2013 6:37 am

How long have you been roleplaying for?: One year
Why do you want to join the MPF?(1 paragraph)

I want to join the Metro police Force because I love all the police roleplay. I also want to be a great officer, and to get my character fit and in shape. It is really fun playing as the combine, I know this because I was a high command on a differnt server. I want to boss people around and show people how to roleplay as well.

Why does your character want to join the MPF?(1 paragraph):

My character wants to join the Metro police force because he is sick and tied of being treated like dirt all the time. He wants to be feed and he wants to get ride of the rebels. He doesn't like the rebels because they treated him like dirt and killed his wife, now he is seeking revange. He wants to learn how to use their advanced tech, and learn how to use a gun.

Do you have any previous MPF experience?:

Yes, I was a MPF.C18.Union.DVL.389 on one other server, I know most of the radio codes, I know how to put a citizen in detainment, and much more.

Have you ever been banned, if yes explain why?: No


Name: Jason Carter
Sex: Male
Weight: 225 LBS.
Height: 6'3'
Why do you want to join the MPF?(2 paragraphs):

I've seen many rebels in city 18, and also some non citizen like activity behind the backs of other combine. I want to be a MPF officer so I can protect the city and fight back against the anti-citizens.

I want to make a differnce in this city, and to rank up. I want to server the Universal Union to the best of my ability, and if I betray my Union than I want to hanged infront of everyone.
I want to clear the streets of filthy citizens that do not respect the Universal Union.

What do you hope to achieve in the MPF?(1 - 3 paragraphs):

My goals would be to teach citizens the rules of the city and to show them respect when speaking to a combine. To learn some training from my commander on the force and to fight anti citizens. I want to get stronger as a metro police force officer, and to try my best to make city 45 clean from anti citizen. Preventing civilians from from breaking the law that they will later come to regret.

Name 5 things a MPF unit does every day?:

- Patrol the streets, making sure everything is alright and no one is breaking the law
- Sweep the slums if needed
- Obeys higher ranked officers
- Detaining those who do not abide by the laws of City 45.
- Checking citizens for contraband and removing it if necessary.
Character backstory(2 - 4 paragraphs):

Jason Carter grew up just above Minneapolis, Minnesota in a relativity small town with his parents and younger brother, Joe. Jason never did well in school, he was always the rebellious type. Even though his parents were teachers, he never listened to what they had to say to him about grades. Through out his school career he was the most popular kid you could know. All the girls wanted a piece of him, all the teachers hated him, and all the boys respected him. If someone ever stepped out of place, he would gladly fight them back into there spot. His younger brother Joe would always try to imitate him by standing by his side always. Jason loved his little brother more then anyone else, he would take a bullet for him. He evened got a tattoo of his name on his wrist, along side his own. Jason would teach his little brother things about life, that weren't always accurate. Such as "getting girls is top priority." and "If someone ever threatens you, knock them in the face to show them who is boss." However, these life lessons did not help him when the combine attacked. One of John's most hated memories is of him trying to cover his brother's eye as the combine beat his parents down in the corner of their house. He doesn't like to talk about his past, it was a very unstable time for him.

When the combine took him and his family, they put them on a train heading for City 22. Jason held onto Joe and Joe alone. His mother and father tried to stay together, but his mother was lost in the crowd of people. She was left on the train and sent to a different city. Jason thinks she is still alive, but his temper will get out of control if you mention her. After they left the train, Jason's father was beaten by a CCA officer and taken to "Off World Relocation". Jason thinks he is dead. That very same officer went after for Joe after annihilating his father, so Jason tried to defend him. He jumped onto the Units back and started throwing punches, but his hands only hit a hard helmet and hurt him more then the cop. The officer threw him to the ground and ordered the remaining Units to take him to a different area. That was the last time he saw any of his family members.

Jason was thrown onto the train heading for the airport where he was later flown to City 8. Once he arrived there, hurt and alone, Jason quickly snapped back into his tough self and realized he was not getting anywhere by acting like a child. So he shaped up and got a stable life. As time went on, Jason grew tired of this place and got an even worse temper against the CCA. He is known for his outrageous behavior and intense curiosity. But his curiosity led him to a turning point in his life. He was being nosy and listening in on a conversation among two CCA officers when one mention City 18's demise, and the citizens arrival. This meant nothing to him until they posted a list of all the new Citizens. He scanned through the list of people, just so he would know a few names. Until he hit his own. The name "Carter" was listed next to the number 88052. Probably his CID. Jason knew exactly who it was. Joe. His younger brother. Jason ran out of the room with joy knowing he would see his brother very soon. But what he did not do is look at the category he was located under. "CCA Officers".

When the day came, he watched the trains unload the people. He could not find his brother. He began to panic, so he asked one Officer where 88052 was. The officer pointed to two more officers carrying a man into the Nexus strong hold. Jason ran after them calling out Joe's name, hoping that the man being carried away would turn around and shout back, But the two officers carried the man into the Nexus before he could reach them. Jason now thinks his brother is being held somewhere inside the citadel and that he must find him, and save him from the UU's grasp.

He doesn't know the Irony of the situation.

0CC: I just joined the forums today(may 19 2013), but thank you for reading my application. Also to show you that I am not a fail role player, here is a example:

Citizens Walks into the station to apply for MPF.
recruiting officer - Take a seat.
citizen - /me sits on chair.
recruiting officer- Hello citizen nice to meet you /me pulls out hand and opens shows palm.
citizen /me stands up accepts hand shake and seats back down.
recruiting officer - so why do you want to become a metro police officer /me picks up clip board and pencil.

citizen- Well, I want to be an officer so I can help out with the city and make the city safe from anti citizens. Also so I could serve the civil protection as the best to my ability.
recruiting officer- /me writes information on paper. And how old are you sir?
citizen- I am 27.
recruiting officer- /me writes down more information on clip board.
recruiting officer- Alright next question.

recruiting officer- Have you been in detained or have been disrespectful to any of our MPF officers?
citizen -No, I have not sir.
recruiting officer- Stand into this light over here.
citizen- Alright.
/it The light flashes at the citizens face takings his picture.
recruiting officer- Writes more information on clip board. Thank you for applying for our metro police force. We will let you know as soon as possible if you have been accepted or not /me holds out hand in hand shake motion.
citizen- Thank you sir /me stands up, pulls out hand and accepts the hand shake. /me opens office door walks out opens front door and exits the building.

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Sinskitz Metro police Force application Empty Re: Sinskitz Metro police Force application

Post by Crash Mon May 20, 2013 6:40 am

-1 Didnt follow the format.

Anthony Hyde Jr.- Joined the MPF.
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Sinskitz Metro police Force application Empty Re: Sinskitz Metro police Force application

Post by TheVelocity Mon May 20, 2013 6:42 am

"I want to join the Metro police Force because I love all the military roleplay." This server has nothing to do with Military. It is police??? But As this guy said ^^ You didn't follow the basic format



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Sinskitz Metro police Force application Empty Re: Sinskitz Metro police Force application

Post by Vendetta Mon May 20, 2013 6:44 am

Read HL2RP Canon, Reformat this completely and Remake according to the canon after being read.

Read the guides and apply them to memory.

And im being serious here. like..... -92992929291389938928 Support.

I hate this.

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Sinskitz Metro police Force application Empty Re: Sinskitz Metro police Force application

Post by Grammar Nazi Mon May 20, 2013 10:09 am

-1 I didn't bothered myself to read the application because he didn't use the correct format. The format can be found HERE

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Sinskitz Metro police Force application Empty Re: Sinskitz Metro police Force application

Post by Sloth the Wizard Mon May 20, 2013 10:10 am

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Sinskitz Metro police Force application Empty Re: Sinskitz Metro police Force application

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