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Post by Sinskitz Fri May 24, 2013 4:33 am

Jason Carter was born on 21st August in 1992. He was born in the capital of Italy, Rome. He was also raised there and he had a loving family, but still, had a difficult childhood. His father worked in the military, as a medic. And his mother did not earn much money on her job as a salesclerk, and had to take care of three children: Tony, Jason and Alexandra, and Alexandra was the youngest of them. Jason lived in a part of Rome that was often known for criminality and such. There were many gangs that were really dangerous, but Jason soon joined one; not for the adrenaline rush or anything likely that you get from robbing innocent people and causing chaos, but to get protection for Alexandra and his mother. He got the code name ‘Serpente’, for being discrete and quick witted, he was also known as a mastermind in his gang and that is why he is called Serpente, But he never did any actually crime.

Jason acted like a father for Alexandra, always getting her out of trouble, and he kept her safe. Tony, on the other hand, joined a gang that was known for maltreatment and murderers, but not for protection. He did it because he wanted to cause chaos and to stand up against the police and the government. A year later, they had saved up enough money for their family to travel to the countryside in England. The family’s plan was to get a job for the mother, so that they could live in England instead of Italy. The plan worked out, the mother soon got a job as a low-paid waiter on a local cafeteria in a small village called Eastern Anglia, and they had to live on that salary. The family lived in a motel until they had enough money for a small cottage in the sparse village, But in 2011 the mother unfortunately caught cancer. The family did not have the money to get medical help for her, the father was on duty in Egypt. Soon, the mother died in the disease and the father did not understand anything that happened when he was called home. When the father got home he found out about his wife, he feel into depressed. He started to drank every single day, and soon he became an alcoholic. After a month their father got poisoned by alcohol and passed away.Tony and Jason had to take care of the 14-year old Alexandra by themselves. Since Jason only was 20 years old, he could manage the grief of their parents passing, but he had a difficult time taking care of Alexandra, helping her with homework and school-projects. He became the man in the house, because Tony was away every night and got drunk on the local pubs, and he got into fights quite often. Alexandra was often pretty scared of her older brother Tony, mostly when he was drunk, and Jason was aware of this, so he did his best to calm and protect Alexandra when Tony was drunk at home.

In 2012, the Black Mesa incident occurred. The Portal Storms began, creatures from the border world Xen came through the portals, and the Earth’s inhabitants did their best to fight these creatures. Soon, the Universal Union came to Earth and began to help the humans to fight off the horrific creatures that had come to Earth. There were some arrogant people that stood up against the Universal Union, and moments later the Seven Hour war had began. The Universal Union enslaved the human race and started the Citizen Relocation Program, where they began to build these city-districts throughout Europe and Russia. They ripped families and people out of their homes and began to fill these city-districts with people. Most of the people were afraid that their day soon might come and they would never see their families again. After a while, it was Jason and his siblings turn to move to one of the city-district. The people who lived in Eastern Anglia moved like a big herd to the nearby train-station and their train got full with people. The train eventually started to move and the crummy ride took 12 hours. After a while, they heard a loud whistle and the train suddenly stopped. A female-voice in the intercom said: “Welcome to City 45, citizens.” Then, the train stopped and the Metropolice Force opened the train-doors and yelled: “Get out of there and form a line!”. Jason had to admit, he was pretty afraid at the moment and thought this was all a nightmare, when he saw an old man getting kicked on the ground by a small group of MPF units. When he realized that this was not a nightmare, he persuaded himself that he had the will and strength to survive this. They all got blue jumpsuits and a specific number for each person, called citizen-ID. From that day and forward, Jason lived in City 45. He knew that the Universal Union made this for the citizens own protection, to keep them safe from the creatures outside the giant walls.

Jason searched for Alexandra and found her after an hour or two. She had been on the same train, but on a different carriage. They never found Tony, but Jason could remember him yelling and brawling with one officer from the Universal Union back at Eastern Anglia. She was pretty shacked and nervous, but Jason managed to calm her. Alexandra had also been kicked on the leg for not standing correctly in line; she had a sore boot-indentation on her shin.

Jason soon bought a small apartment for him and Alexandra, and Jason did his best to keep them both alive, with food and water. And he also did his best to be on the friendly side with the MPF in City 45. One day, the thing that Jason feared the most, came. Jason and Alexandra often went to their friend in the slums, who lived in a small apartment. Sometimes, he had some spare supplies and food for Jason and Alexandra. They started walking there at 18.00 and arrived at 18.26. They had a little chat with their old friend Joe, and then went out of the apartment and started walking home, out of the slums. It was getting late, around 19.54 and it became darker. Jason told Alexandra to follow him, he knew a shortcut. They walked through a dark alleyway, when suddenly someone yelled behind them: “Stand still, or suffer from the consequences!”. Jason and Alexandra turned around, while walking. There was a man with a cap and a bulletproof vest. Jason realized what was going on and started: “Wha- No!”,But it was too late, Jason saw a flash from the gun and he heard the shot. Jason prepared for the worst, and closed his eyes. He did not feel any pain. Suddenly, he heard a weak whisper: “Jason… I’m-“. He heard a small slam and when Jason turned around, he saw Alexandra laying on the ground, with her chest covered in blood. Jason fell on his knees within Alexandra and tried not to panic He formed his hands into a bowl and pushed with all his force on her wound, to prevent more blood from leaving the body. Alexandra started to become paler. Jason started to fell tears and whispered: “Alexandra, do not leave me... “. Jason tried to yell for help, but he did not have the vigor to do it. Alexandra slowly said with a whispering voice: "Life is what you make it, Jason... So shape it with great cauti-". She closed her eyes, then took her last breath.
The weeks after, Jason was not himself anymore. He had lost every single member of his family, well, Tony was missing. Even though most people would feel dead inside after not being surrounded by anyone that loves you, Jason did not. Instead of putting his faith and comfort in his family, he found himself doing it in the Universal Union. After two months, he was a loyalist, that gave every single information he could get to the MPF.

I used this back story for my MPF APP, thank you for reading. Please post below from 1-10 how good my back story was, and a comment if you want. I love you

Jessica Carter: Alive - Surviving in the slums, joined the rebels.
Alexandra Carter: Alive - Selling CWU goods, helping her sister with supplies.
CpU.C45.Helix-03.56640 : Alive - Waiting for more helix training, healing his fellow officers.
Justin Garofal : KIA - Killed by rebels
CpU.C45.Zone-05.56283 : KIA - Went rouge to save his love for Judge, killed by the OTA squad. Last words were " Judge..." as he died slowly.
CpU.C45.Helix-04.96116 : KIA - Killed by a group of rebels
Jason Carter: KIA - Killed in the apartment search.
Justin Figueroa: KIA - Killed by the Commander
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