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Metropolice Force Application format Empty Metropolice Force Application format

Post by Sloth the Wizard on Thu Apr 04, 2013 4:04 am


Steam name:
How long have you been playing on our sever, SlothGaming?:
How long have you been role-playing for?:
Why do you want to join the Union Civil Protection?(1 paragraph):
Why does your character want to join the Union Civil Protection?(1 paragraph):
Do you have any previous experience in the Union Civil Protection?:
Have you ever been banned ,if yes, explain why?:


Why do you want to join the Union Civil Protection?(2 paragraphs):
What do you hope to achieve in the Union Civil Protection?(1 - 3 paragraphs):
Name 5 things a unit does every day:


1. If you found a illegal Item what would you do?

2. What would you do if you caught two Citizens fist fighting?

3. If a fellow has let a Anti Citizen or biotic go free what would you do?

4. If you just witnessed a murder what would you do?

5. You have just found a person passed out on the ground what would you do?

6. Should you
disobey a higher ranks orders explain why you would need to?

Character's backstory(2 - 4 paragraphs):

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