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Jackson Lowell

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Jackson Lowell Empty Jackson Lowell

Post by Korean Guy Mon Jun 24, 2013 10:58 am

Jackson Lowell. 6'2, 236 Lbs. Extremely Large. Terrifying. Brute. Some of the things said to describe this Russian man. But no one knows his story, and why he is such a mad-man...

<Video Log: 08-03-97: 1337 Military Time: Top Secret Russian Military Base>
<Video Start>
*Two men are visible. They are sitting in office chairs, typing on keyboards. One of the men is Jackson.*
Jackson: Jei Shion... Wanted throughout Europe for a mass crime organization. Last seen in Moscow. Was followed by many men in suits, mostly Asian. All of them were heavily armed.
The Other Man: I've encountered this man many times. Never knew he was the most wanted man in Europe. Otherwise he would've met my .357. 
Jackson: *Chuckle* My friend, I'm almost certain that you've never even fired anything higher caliber than a .22.  Seriously, Vladimir, you honestly suck with guns.
Vladimir: I've fired many gun more than you. You've done little. I bet you've never lay finger on rifle.
Jackson: I've fired guns from the U.S. military that we can barely see ever.
Vladimir: Alright. Enough with the chit-chat. We need to find this man. He was dumb enough to leave phone call to the Moscow Police. We've got phone number, we track. 
Jackson: Yes. Track we shall. After this, we go to bar. Drinks on us.
*The two men get out of their seats. They both pick up a suitcase, and walk out of the room.*

<Video Log:  08-03-97: 1356 Military Time: Velben Cafe>
<Video Start>
*Jackson and Vladimir walk into Velben Cafe, wearing leather jackets that hide their weapons. They walk to the front of the store.*
Manager: Ah, how may I help you two fine gentlemen?
Jackson: We need your permission to do something... But the thing is, it may be dangerous
Manager: Uh... W-What do you need?
Jackson: You've heard of Jei Shion, yes?
Manager: Yeah. Most wanted.
Jackson: We've been tracking his phone calls. He is heading here at 1400. We need everyone to evacuate area, and we will take him in.
*A bell is heard, meaning that someone has walked in. But the door doesn't shut for 20 seconds. There are 10 men in buisness suits standing at the door. In the center of them all is Jei Shion.*
Jei: *Chuckle* I see you two bafoons have recieved my message.
*The men surrounding Jei unholster all kinds of pistols. Jei reaches into his jacket, and pulls out a large handgun*
Jei: Dumber than I thought... Dispose of this trash.
*Jackson and Vladimir reach into their jackets, and they both pull out a Glock, which was very weak compared to the other men. The men begin firing at Jackson and Vladimir before they can aim their weapons.*
Jackson: Shit! 
*Vladimir is hit in the chest several times, and falls to the ground, dead. Jackson takes cover behind the counter, firing over it without any aim. He hits one man in the chest, and he goes down. Jei begins walking closer, still firing his gun. He walks to the counter, and leans over to shoot Jackson, but Jackson fires a shot, and it hits Jei in the chest. He falls to the ground*
Jei: Y-You got me good. Too bad I'll get you b-better...
*Jei falls down to the ground, unconcious*
Jackson: Looks like I'm gonna die... Wait. I forgot...
*Jackson scrambles to the suitcase lying on the floor, and opens it up. Inside are various parts to put together an SMG.*
Jackson: Could we call a time-out, please?!
*While trying to keep firing at the men, he assembles the SMG to the point where it can fire, just missing the stock.*
Jackson: You hurt Vladimir. You will pay...
*Jackson raises the SMG over the counter, and opens fire on the men, hitting and killing them rapidly.*
Jackson: Die! Die you Chongs! Hahahaha! 
*One man remains. He is armed with a Colt .45. He quickly gets behind cover after his entire team is killed. While behind cover, he looks around for a better weapon. He notices one of his suited friends lying dead with an M3 lying on his chest. He sprints across the room, and grabs the shotgun while avoiding shots, and slides to cover. The M3 is fully loaded*
The Suited Man: Please... Let it all go. I surrender!
Jackson: Come out of cover with your hands up. Leave any weapon behind.
*Jackson lifts his SMG, ready to put a bullet between the man's head. The man quickly comes out cover, with the shotgun in his hand. He doesn't aim, and fires from the hip. The shotgun blast hits Jackson in the shoulder, knocking him back and unconcious instantly.*

*Jackson wakes up the next day in the hospital. He feels sore, and his torso and shoulder are bandaged*
Jackson: What.. Wha- Vladimir. Is Vladimir o-ok?
Doctor: Jackson, go back to sleep. You are not prepared to be awake for atleast two days. Get rest. Would you like painkillers?
Jackson: Vladimir. Tell me what happened to Vladimir!
Doctor: Every single person in the shop except for Jei Shion, the guy who shot you, and a couple of civilians died. I'm sorry, Vladimir is most likely deceased.
Jackson: No... Vladimir. He cannot die. Heart like bull, brain like Einstein. He could not have died. 
Doctor: I'm not saying it is certain, just that it very likely. Get some rest, you should be fine in the morning. You'll need to stay for an extended period of time afterwards, but you can be up tomorrow. 
*Jackson begins to feel even more sore.*
Jackson: Maybe... Maybe you're right doctor... Do you have anything that may help me sleep? I've had insomnia lately.
Doctor: Of course... 
*The doctor gives him some pills, and Jackson soon goes to sleep*

Vladimir was Jackson's closest friend. His partner. Family. He was like a brother to Jackson. His death ruined him. His life soon sprawled down the drain. He moved to the USA, and was arrested many times for many different charges, from public intoxication, to aggrivated assault. His life came to an end when he murdered an officer, and was promply shot in the chest by a M4. He died in surgery at the age of 52. 

The health and whereabouts of Jei Shion is currently unknown. It is unknown if he has assumed another life under a new name, or if he is still committing crime. It is known that he has two children: Lynsa Shion and Wei Shion

((These are just my character ideas))

Wei Shion: Japanese male who has an abnormally agile build. He goes against the Combine, running one of the best smuggling groups in the city.

Connor Reese: An old CWU worker who doesn't have much of a significance in the city.

Mihn-Thi Luong: A young, Japanese woman who has been loyal to the Combine for extra food.

CpU.C--.JUDGE-03.78391: Japanese MPF who goes by the name of Kiyomi, and is quite handy with a handgun.
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Jackson Lowell Empty Re: Jackson Lowell

Post by Ian Mon Jun 24, 2013 3:32 pm

Please delete one of these, you've double posted.

More Character info: (Cider)
Richard Price ~ A rich man with motives unknown by most. He is a horrible driver when it comes to street laws.
Adrian West ~ An Armed Force unit.
Miranda Grum ~ Just another citizen, living life by day.
Alvor Bjorn ~ The brute of the police force, weighing 223lbs, and measuring 6'4''.
'Rosko' Fitzgerald ~ The best weed seller in town, he's got some good stuff.

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