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J.Rays Metro Police Force Application

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J.Rays Metro Police Force Application Empty J.Rays Metro Police Force Application

Post by bravebud Wed Dec 11, 2013 11:53 am


Steam name: J.Ray

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:30107073

Age: 17

How long have you been playing on our sever, SlothGaming?: For a few Days.

How long have you been role-playing for?: I have been playing Half life 2 roleplay eversense i was 13 (4 years )

Why do you want to join the Union Civil Protection?(1 paragraph): Why i would like to join the Civil Protection is because i have been CP on many other servers and love the rp that comes with the job and all the fun times and creative rp the job makes. I know how to do the job and also i like to get to roleplay with others. And would like to create rp with the civilains and exspand the rp gameplay. And bring my knowledge to the Civil Protection.

Why does your character want to join the Union Civil Protection?(1 paragraph): My character wants to join the civil protection because she feels that she is lost from the world. And she is looking for somthing that will bring her good. And will also bring her more saftey in the city. And she is just looking for a way to get out of the situation she is in.

Do you have any previous experience in the Union Civil Protection?: Yes i do i have experience with being a Division leader and CmD on a other server. And i have alot of experience with being civil protection on others servers. I was DvL on Omni Gamings hl2 rp but they shut down due to no funding.

Have you ever been banned ,if yes, explain why?: No


Name: Jessica Liverpol


Sex: Female


Height: 5'3

Why do you want to join the Union Civil Protection?(2 paragraphs): The reason why Jessica is looking to join the civil protection is what i said above. She feels lost in the world. And she feels that she has No were to go. And she feels the the civil protection will bring her discipline and maturity.  

And she is looking for somthing to do that will not get her in trouble. She has looked at other things to do but this job makes jessica feel that she will be the safest and best for her well being. And she wants to help the combine because she never got along with anyone before the invasion. And know she wants to do somthing with herself.

What do you hope to achieve in the Union Civil Protection?(1 - 3 paragraphs): Jessica will hope to achive repsect and discipline when working for the Civil Protection and to strive with her work. And show the Higher ranking Civil protection officers she has somthing to give. and wants to like i said, Do somthing with herself. And get back at the world that has treated herself like she dont belong.

Name 5 things a unit does every day:

- Patrol The plaza/ Make rounds around it.

- Watch the gates to the slums

- Hand out rations if told to by a higher ranking officer.

- Keep the Civilians civilaized and under control.

- Keep the Civilians safe.


1. If you found a illegal Item what would you do? Tell the high ranking officer and ask him for propor punisment.

2. What would you do if you caught two Citizens fist fighting? Tell them to break it up and tell them to face the wall and request for anougher unit to assist you.

3. If a fellow has let a Anti Citizen or biotic go free what would you do? You should stop the civil protection officer from doing that and request for back up from the higher up and tell him the cituation.

4. If you just witnessed a murder what would you do? Stop the Murder and let the higher up know about it if you see it you should take action as fast as posible.

5. You have just found a person passed out on the ground what would you do? Help the Civilian up and if he dont you check his state of well being and if bad notifi a higher up.

6. Should you disobey a higher ranks orders explain why you would need to? No you should not because the higher up is always right you arnt. If the higher up tells you so you do so. And he tells you whats right or wrong.

Character's backstory(2 - 4 paragraphs): Jessica was a girl that got good gades and was cute but had no friends and everyone disliked her because the way she dressed in school. Once jessica graduated from troy High school she applied for Ohio state univisity but sadly she was denied after this jessica broke out. She started drinking heavily at a young age of 18 and she was lonly she left her house and moved in with her one and only friend. And quit her job at kroger. And never got along with anyone but her friend sara. And they lived day by day strugaling just to pay the apartment bills. But one day jessica woke up and nothing would be the same. She woke up with gunshots going off and people screaming as the world was being invaded but the combine. And at the hour six the combine broke into her house and shot sara. Because sara tried to fight back but jessica listend. but she was affected badly by her friends death and she was moved to city 18. Were she had to start over in the world. But jessica found hope by trying to become one of the combine and to find somthing that would change her life.


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