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[IC] Alex Whitterson Apply Format for Unit Civil Protection

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[IC] Alex Whitterson Apply Format for Unit Civil Protection Empty [IC] Alex Whitterson Apply Format for Unit Civil Protection

Post by Avixus 74 Thu Dec 26, 2013 9:28 am


Steam name: [HB] Avixus 74
How long have you been playing on our sever, SlothGaming?: 4 days
How long have you been role-playing for?: Almost an year
Why do you want to join the Union Civil Protection?(1 paragraph): I want to join Civil Protection to make some more intense RP within the Civil Protection Faction and get some more RP skills.

Why does your character want to join the Union Civil Protection?(1 paragraph): He wants to join the Civil Protection because he saw how the Civil Protection works and it gave him some interest
Do you have any previous experience in the Union Civil Protection?: No , I haven't
Have you ever been banned ,if yes, explain why?: No , I haven't


Name: Alex Whitterson
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Weight: 38
Height: 1,78 M
Why do you want to join the Union Civil Protection?(2 paragraphs): I want to join Civil Protection Union Because I saw Civil Protection working good and I want to make Every Citizen safe.
What do you hope to achieve in the Union Civil Protection?(1 - 3 paragraphs): I don't want anything
Name 5 things a unit does every day:
-Distribute Rations
-Make a profile on the datapad for New Citizens coming from the Train station
-Patrol certain areas of the city
-Inspect Citizens
-Inspect Rooms


1. If you found a illegal Item what would you do? I Warn Higher rank and take the evidence to him/her , later I tie the Suspect and wait for orders.

2. What would you do if you caught two Citizens fist fighting? I Stop them , Tie them, Punish (Hitting them with Stun Stick) them after warned Higher rank

3. If a fellow has let a Anti Citizen or biotic go free what would you do?Get the Suspect to jail and advert the Fellow to not do it again

4. If you just witnessed a murder what would you do? Fastly tie him , Batoon him ,Aputate him if Higher Rank says

5. You have just found a person passed out on the ground what would you do? Suddenly take him to the hospital , ask him what happened , and let him go

6. Should you disobey a higher ranks orders explain why you would need to?No , I shouldn't

Character's backstory(2 - 4 paragraphs): Alex Whitterson, He is a Citizen, He went to City18 after The combine found him in a Home out the city. He lived alone, since his parents and sister died when he was just 10 in a car accident.

Some years before he got shot in his right arm so he went to an hospital but the arm couldn't be used anymore.. So they amputated it and installed a robotic arm. He was in his car when there were some rebels fighting with Combine , causing his wounds on his arm.

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