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Post by Sixx Thu Jan 02, 2014 3:41 am


Steam name: Yes, Alexander?
SteamID: idfk ;-;
Age: 16
How long have you been playing on our sever, SlothGaming?: About a week
How long have you been role-playing for?: Two Years.
Why do you want to join the Union Civil Protection?(1 paragraph): i wan 2 robcop I prefer to Roleplay as a Unit, I have extended experience as one and I'm a very learned Leader. Through the past 2 years I have been Roleplaying, I have always had a profound sense of confidence when being a Unit, such confidence allows me to provoke logic and sense into my roleplay.
Why does your character want to join the Union Civil Protection?(1 paragraph): hes a loyalost! Though he does not have a military background, he suffered from severe depression before the war, his family had all abandoned him even before the war, and he simply had no other reason to live. Eventually, when the Combine struck down, he found a purpose. To serve the Union.
Do you have any previous experience in the Union Civil Protection?: Fuck yeah.
Have you ever been banned ,if yes, explain why?: Not from Sloth Gaming, no.


Name: Lucas Kane
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Weight: 19lb
Height: 6"1
Why do you want to join the Union Civil Protection?(2 paragraphs): Before the War was brought to Planet Earth, I had nothing to show for myself. I was waking up every morning, regretting getting up out of bed to go to work. I consumed copious amounts of substance and moderation was something I could not find. I hadn't a single reason to continue. My wife had died of Childbirth and my Child had died not long after. My Family, well.. I don't have a family to speak of, to say the least.
That was, of course, until I saw the great glory that was the Universal Union, providing equal opportunities for everyone. Regardless of Gender or Race. No more do we have starvation, war or pestilence. Famine, a thing of the past. War, a memory. My life may not have had much purpose up until now, but upon witnessing what opportunities await for me, I would be more than grateful to serve.

What do you hope to achieve in the Union Civil Protection?(1 - 3 paragraphs): To help crack down on the Anti Civillians that threaten the order that has saved the existence of Humanity. They may find all of the wrong reasons to rebel, I only find the right to serve. This City is a glorious city, once my home and still my home, though it has changed dramatically and all for the better.

Name 5 things a unit does every day:
- Patrol the streets of City Eighteen and maintain a defence on Hardpoint Shadow.
- Ensure the streets are free of audio pollution and violence, allowing for a peaceful community to flourish.
- Providing security for the great Loyalist Society against common Citizens who would have a different idea on how to serve the Union.
- Better themselves in every aspect of their work, to improve their marksmanship, intellect and understanding of the Union and its purposes.
- To serve the Universal Union. By heart and soul.


1. If you found a illegal Item what would you do?
Should the contraband be found on hand by a Citizen, depending on

  • The Level of the Contraband [For instance, a Weapon would be classed as Level Three Contraband]
  • The amount of Loyalty/Malignance points the Citizen had on their PDA Profile.

I would deliver Civil Judgement with the according punishment. However, if the contraband was found unattended to, I would merely destroy the evidence and report that I had found it.
2. What would you do if you caught two Citizens fist fighting?
Detain the suspects and allow a Judge Unit to diffuse the situation and decide the appropriate response to the violation.
3. If a fellow has let a Anti Citizen or biotic go free what would you do?
Report the Unit to a member of High Command.
4. If you just witnessed a murder what would you do?
Amputate the murderer and call for the clean-up of the Victim's body.
5. You have just found a person passed out on the ground what would you do?
Check for pulse, should the person be void of pulse, have the body carried into the nearest Housing Block Common Room and off of the streets.
6. Should you disobey a higher ranks orders explain why you would need to?
If I found the order impeded on the Universal Union's higher concepts, such as, if I was ordered to murder one of my own ranks unlawfully, I would be inclined to disobey the order. However, there is no other excuse to disobey.

Character's backstory(2 - 4 paragraphs):
I was born in Northern Ireland, and I grew up with my Father. An inconsolable drunk by nature, he knew to correct me whenever I stepped out of line. I moved out when I was Seventeen and studied Banking. It was here I came into a Job at my local bank a few years later, after living on campus with some friends I had made. Among this group of peers I met Carla, and over time we became romantically involved, up to the point where she told me she was with a boy child.
Nine months later, after we had a home and a job, she was rushed into hospital where she was given a C Section, and eventually died from loss of blood. The baby boy, I only held in my arms for a few moments before he died.

After that, I began to fail academically, my University work was failing and my position in my Job was coming to a drastic fall. My Father had died a year before, not that I cared so much any more.

A few months before I was to decide wether or not I should enlist in the Military, the Seven Hour War happened. Not much is to speak of after that. I became a loyal Citizen, I saw no quarrels in the surpression field and now here I am, wanting to become a member of the Galaxy's largest force.


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