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Ryan Baker's Millitary Background.

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Ryan Baker's Millitary Background. Empty Ryan Baker's Millitary Background.

Post by Vendetta Thu May 16, 2013 10:13 am

// Search Registry: Ryan Baker
<:: Combine Registry has found One Corrupt Text Document ::>

During Ryan Bakers time in the U.S. Army rangers, he was deployed in various areas where conflicts were rising among the people. Two of these places that Ryan struggled with the most and where he learned most of his Tactical knowledge from will be talked about. But Ryan, just like every other Soldier, Started out as a Private first class. But because of the fact that Ryan attended JROTC, and ROTC in college, he became a Second lieutenant when he was deployed on his first mission. Most of the people in his Platoon passed with flying colors, as well did Ryan. During Ryan's training, he was acknowledges for his excellence in Breaching, Tactical awareness, and leadership. As well as acknowledged for his decisions when commanding a squad.

In Afghanistan, Baker was deployed via Chopper to infiltrate a series of Taliban compounds where supposedly bombs, Drugs ( Such as Taliban grade Heroine and cocaine ), and Multiple high priority targets were being housed. Ryan, being the highest ranking officer in his squad, lead the operation with Six soldiers to his disposal. Here, Ryan received the injury to his face after having been attacked by a Taliban operative with a knife. Need less to say, after being attacked, Ryan was forced to gouge the mans eyes out with his thumbs whenever he attempted to attack him from behind.

Now lets go through everything that happened during that mission.

As Ryan stepped up onto the chopper, he felt a bit of fear knowing that he would have the lives of six men in his hands. The fear that with one bad call, he could lose everyone in his squad, and even his own life. Even though Baker was under allot of pressure, he loved it. Ryan had always operated more efficiently whenever he was under large amounts of pressure. After getting into the chopper, Ryan proceeded to give his squad the run down of the mission objectives. " Alright listen up! " Ryan said over the loud chopping sound of the helicopter rotors. " We go in, we get Intel on all the equipment they have stored in this compound, and then we look for our target. " Ryan pulls a picture out of his pocket, pointing at the mans face in the picture. " This man is our priority!, his name is Mazami Rajhista. This guy is the reason that all those people died in a town nearby his compound, and were the mother fuckers that are gonna' take him down! ". One of his fellow soldiers, Aaron Yates asks, " How much resistance are we expected to encounter! ". Ryan responds by saying, in a authoritative tone, " A lot, expect these guys to give us all they've got!, they're armed to the teeth and drugged out so bad that if you shot them dead in the fucking chest they'd still run at you!" Baker looks into Aaron's eyes, without blinking, giving him an extremely serious look. " I know for you this is going to be hard, the last time the military tried to invade this place, they failed and you lost your brother. But listen to me, that's why they're sending us in. Because they know that if they're sending us in, under my command, We're gonna win! "

As the chopper lifts off the ground, Ryan yells " Rangers lead the Way! "
His squad yells in an enthusiastic tone " OOH RAA! "

After a long wait inside of a crowded chopper, the chopper loses a bit of altitude, slowing the rotors down to avoid being detected by Enemy forces.

Ryan yells " You see that light! when that light turns green, you get up in a single file line, and rush out that hatch! And remember, Duck and dive duck and dive!"

As the chopper slowly begins to maintain its altitude, the red light flashes three times, and then turns green. Ryan yells at the top of his lungs " GO GO GO! ". One at a time, each individual soldier gets into a ducking position, then dives off of the chopper. after all six of his other squad members successfully jump off, Ryan follows.

As Ryan is plummeting towards the earth, he yells into his headset " at 1500 Feet deploy your chute! if your chute malfunctions, wait twenty seconds and deploy your secondary chute! " The voices of the multiple soldiers saying " Yes sir! " is heard through Ryan's head set. At 1500 feet, the men deploy their chutes. Every soldiers chute deploys successfully and they slowly drop towards their vantage point. Ryan says into his head set, " See that big tan building down there, the largest one, attach silencers and take out the guards posted on that roof. that's our drop zone! " After his squad mates hear this command, they pull their silencers out of their vest pockets, and attach them to their Tactical M4a1's. This causes them to fly towards a different direction, but all of them quickly regain stability and go towards the roof of the compound.

At 500 feet, Ryan is able to use his thermal's that are attached to the top of his helmet to see any heat signatures at the top of the compound. Ryan says in an enthusiastic tone, " Great! I see six bogies, that's one for all of you. When we hit 300 feet, aim down your scopes, adjust them, and then take the shot!". When the soldier hit 300 feet, they pulls up their rifles and began sighting in. " You guys sighted in! " Ryan says. One of the soldiers all reply by saying " Yes sir, ready to engage ".

Ryan says through his headset, " Alright, on my command, open fire!.......Three......two.....one.....Engage! " The soldiers quickly engage, firing several rounds at the soldiers protecting the roof of the compound. In the soldiers sights, they see confusion among the enemy soldiers, they desperately try to find out where they are being shot from, but it is in vain. Blood splatters are seen shooting from each of the soldiers heads as they are picked off one by one by the much more professional soldiers in this situation. "

" Alright, its clear, prepare to land " Ryan says, amazed that no one inside has come up to the surface yet. The soldiers, one by one, land on the roof of the compound. Each soldier on impact with the roof of the compound duck and roll, detaching their chutes from their Parachute bags, and take the backpacks off of them as quickly as possible.

As one of the soldiers gets ready to move forward, Ryan stops him, grabbing his shoulder and pulling him back a bit. " Listen.....you hear that? " Ryan whispers into his headset. One of his squad members, Mac Ericsson, whispers back " Yeah....sounds like footsteps ". " Get to cover " Ryan says. " Quickly! ". Each of the soldiers move behind some crates, or different stacks of sand bags set out to provide cover. Ryan himself moves beside a staircase, where he believe's that the enemies will come out of, trying to figure out what all the noise upstairs was about.

As the soldiers silently wait, the foot steps get louder. They get louder and faster as the enemies run up the stairs. Their footsteps slow down and finally come to a stop. Two minutes pass, and nothing. PFC. Aaron Yates reveals himself, breaking from the crate he was taking cover behind. Ryan sees this and says " Get back beh- " The door leading to the roof slams open. Immediately the enemy soldiers see Aaron and yell in a foreign language, before raising their weapons and opening fire. Aaron yells, " SHIT! " and quickly ducks behind cover. Bullets graze the crate hes behind, slamming through the crate with force. Aaron gets into prone and moves towards some sandbags near him. The crate loses its integrity and falls apart, having been out there for so long and exposed to the elements, than the wood was dry and withered.

Ryan yells " SUPPRESSIVE FIRE! ". Each of the soldiers rise from their cover and fire back at the Enemy, ducking every now and then to reload or to avoid being shot. Being beside the staircase, putting Ryan behind the enemy, he pops out and unloads his entire magazine at the enemy soldiers knees, trying to avoid hitting any friendlies. Ryan yells " Get some get some! " as each of the soldiers fall one by one, all five of them. After each of them falls to the ground, losing grip of their weapons, Ryan's squad members pop out, Aiming at each of the men's heads, and opening fire. Blood flies all over Ryan's uniform as each of the men are killed off by the Rangers.

Ryan says into his mic " Hell yeah, that's what I like to see, good work ". Mac retorts " Yeah, well, now all we have to do is get inside and get out alive, and with the Intel, as well as a priority target " Ryan responds, by saying with confidence " If they are gonna put up as much of a fight as they already have, that's not going to be difficult at all ".

<:: File was Converted to the Combine Data Registry Upon Ryan's Entrance into the Civil Protection ::>

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Ryan Baker's Millitary Background. Empty Re: Ryan Baker's Millitary Background.

Post by Ian Thu May 16, 2013 10:29 am

Nice war story m8.

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